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Our graphic and website designers create with style, strength, knowledge and passion.

Eyedea Design Studio is a full-service, award-winning creative agency serving the Washington, D.C. metro area and beyond. We specialize in print, web and digital graphic design. Our creative team consists of amazing graphic and website designers. Each with their own distinctive style, strength, knowledge and passion but all sharing one common goal – to create functional, effective and visually interesting marketing products for our clients.


We work with you to achieve the best possible results whether it is print collateral, web design or  social media marketing assets.

Stacy Maguire

About Our Founder

Stacy Maguire

Partnering with businesses, associations and other organizations, I manage a creative team that creates trend-setting, impactful design collateral to help our clients connect with their target audience. Dedicated to providing the best marketing, sales and communications solutions for our clients, my diverse team of designers truly embrace my philosophy: No matter the size of the project, the strategic execution of visually engaging creative assets that drive measurable results is what really matters.


Commercial art has been a life-long journey for me that started when I discovered a local print shop in high school. After many years and many positions in the graphic design industry, I formed Eyedea Advertising & Design Studio in 1998. I have grown Eyedea into an award-winning agency with a team of multi-talented graphic designers who create award-winning designs for print, web and digital collateral.


Ellen Ayeri, Sr. Graphic and Website Designer


Sr. Graphic Designer

Jessie Courson | Graphic Design and Social Media Manager at Eyedea


Sr. Graphic Designer & Creative Manager

Shannon Murphy


Jr. Graphic Designer

Laura Rovinsky


Jr. Graphic Designer

Mike Mason Dir. Business Development


Dir. Business Development



Association TRENDS, ANA, 2016

Project: ANA Superhero Handout & Media Campaign

Distinguished (BRONZE)

Society for Technical Communication, ANA, 2003
Project: To Comfort Always: A Nurses Guide to
End of Life Care

Book of the Year Award

American Journal of Nursing 05, ANA, 2006
Project: Florence Nightingale: Today
Healing, Leadership, Global Action

Wilmer Shields Rich Award

Council on Foundations for Excellence
in Communications
The Arlington Community Foundation, 2000
Project: Annual report

Merit (BRONZE)

Society for Technical Communication, ANA, 2001
Project: Code for Nurses Poster

Merit (BRONZE)

Society for Technical Communication, ANA, 2004
Project: Clinical Information Systems:
A Framework for Reaching the Vision

Merit (BRONZE)

Society for Technical Communication, ANA, 2004
Project: Family Centered Care: Putting It into
Action: The SPN/ANA Guide to Family-Centered Care

Merit (BRONZE)

Society for Technical Communication. ANA, 2004
Project: Nursing Quality Measurement:
A Review of Nursing Studies, 1995-2000

Merit (BRONZE)

Society for Technical Communication, ANA, 2005
Project:The Soul of the Caring Nurse

Merit (BRONZE)

Society for Technical Communication, ANA, 2005
Project: SPN Pediatrics Nursing Package

Merit (BRONZE)

Society for Technical Communication, ANA, 2006
Project: Florence Nightingale Today: Healing, Leadership, Global Action